Sabatical Mode

I knew when I first started HallMarc Websites that this would be a short-lived gig. Not because of a lack of interest or enthusiasm on my part. It is due to the fact that websites as we know them are soon to be a thing of the past. A quaint nod to ages past. I know when to pivot and the time is near. Voice will be the main way we will control and communicate with our devices and those devices will be the major portal. They already deliver our via video and audio. TV viewing will morph into something more interactive. The savvy advertising and marketing companies are already trying to forecast the direction these things will go and then pivot toward that goal. Most of them are still stuck in the past and just can't understand today's world. I have spent the past year studying our trendy behaviour and I have a strong idea where we are headed. Stay tuned for the new "Marc Hall Tech". We will be your goto for tech consulting and installations. Home automation and smart tech is where we are now! 

Contact me (484) 452-4123 to discuss any tech you have questions about. For our current web clients I'm still here and won't leave you hanging! 

This website will be retired soon. 6/15/2017